Jon Favreau Reveals His Original Plans for John Carter


Jon Favreau was attached to direct a John Carter of Mars movie. When it fell through, he went on to direct Iron Man. Now that Andrew Stanton made John Carter, to mixed reviews (Bibbs loved it, BTW) and box office, we wondered what Favreau’s version would have been. Today we found out.
Favreau directed the pilot to NBC’s new series “Revolution.” After his panel to the Television Critics Association, we went up and asked him what his John Carter would have been?
“I probably wouldn’t have been as ambitious,” Favreau said. “I think both of us really appreciated the source material. Stanton started to weave in elements from the later books. I probably would’ve told a smaller story.”
The Jon Favreau John Carter would have stuck to what was the first act of Stanton’s movie, when Carter is transported to Mars and becomes an ally of the Tharks. “As we were developing the script it was much more the experience of John Carter being found in this new world and him coming up in a Man Called Horse kind of way among the Tharks and then opening up the world slowly.”
Favreau knew screenwriter John Carter Michael Chabon, who is writing the Magic Kingdom movie which Favreau is attached to direct. Chabon confirmed that his script was bigger in scope than the one Favreau was developing. “I spoke to him about it a lot and they really looked at all the material and tried to create a whole fabric and a world around it.”
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