5 Shamelessly Sexy Commercials

Men will do anything for an attractive woman. Advertising companies acknowledge this, which is why it seems as though every commercial out there features boobies of some description: boobies in cars; boobies holding mobile phones; boobies in restaurants; boobies on holiday – here are 5 examples of commercials that shamelessly use sex to get us to open up our wallets.


Kelly Brook & Sport Relief

I can't remember the last time I ventured onto the internet without Kelly Brook smiling back at me, but here she is again, this time advertising… socks. 

We'll let Kelly off this time though as these socks are being sold for the charity Sport Relief, which makes her both beautiful and a selfless humanitarian – kind of like Jesus but with 32E's.


Kate Upton and… err… Easter…?

We're not entirely sure what Kate Upton is advertising here, but when there's a Sports Illustrated Swimsuit cover model jumping around in a bunny suit do you really need a reason for it?

We just wish that the real Easter Bunny looked like this and not the terrifying, human-sized rabbit that he is.


New Yorker Killer Lingerie

"Hey ladies – do you want to look sexy enough to perform a strip-tease for your old-yet-exponentially-wealthy husband which will force him to have a heart attack, leaving you with all of his money without you actually having to have sex with him? Then buy New Yorker Lingerie!"

We'd almost be offended if it wasn't for the aforementioned strip-tease.


Sofia Vergara & Pepsi

We'll forget nitpicking the errors in the narrative here (why is Sofia Vergera the only one incapable of walking on the sand? She may wish to borrow a pair of Kelly Brook's socks) because this is SOFIA VERGARA in a BIKINI. Your argument is INVALID.


Bavaria Beer makes girls undress

Bavaria beer must have a high Midichlorian count because it gives the guy in this commercial the powers of a Jedi.

So now that he possesses Obi-Wan's mind-tricks, what does he do with them? He forces a girl to bend over, of course. If only Anakin had known that Jedi powers could be used for this maybe he wouldn't have gone all mopey and turned to the dark side.


Photo: Sport Relief