Historectomy 29 Badass Swords of History

Relive the best cover art of Heavy Metal magazine…I mean, check out our takes on 5 famous historical swords: the Sword of Attila, Zulfiquar, William Wallace’s Claymore, Excalibur, and Legbiter! Warning! Extended sexual talk inside!


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Also in this episode: Historectomy is the black hole of comedy, Sam was in an abusive household, Attila the Hun or Attila the Hutt, we sponsor our first “male enhancement” boner pills…I guess that kills any subtlety huh?, bifurcated swords are better than non-bifurcated ones, Divine Right, William Wallace’s sword was bigger than Sam’s…other measurements, The Miss USA of Scotland, Sam makes a reference to the anime “Soul Eater”, The Lady of the Lake is not someone you want at a raging kegger, we have an extended conversation about ghosts and sex: is it cheating if you sleep with a ghost? Answer in the comments!, Excalibur “bi-curious” boner pills, running into an axe with your head can be fatal, and did you buy your Lord of Rings knife sets yet!? DID YOU!?