Matt Bomer on ‘White Collar’ and ‘Magic Mike’

Normally when I put out feelers on Twitter for an interview I have coming up, I get a few responses that are usually interesting enough for me to incorporate. I’ve never experienced a Twitter storm like when I was about to interview Matt Bomer for "White Collar" at the Television Critics Association winter press tour. Instead of deep episode minutiae, I enjoyed the fun random things they suggested. So after getting the scoop on season 3.5/4 and the male stripper movie "Magic Mike," I threw out some of the gems.


Have you gotten any season four scripts yet?

No. Because we have 3.5 coming up now, that’s the more topical one. We have a general idea what the mythology is going to be.

What can we expect for Neal and Sarah?

You know, they found a really, really great way to kind of work her into the storyline I thought coming up in the next six episodes. I think they have a really grown up, really mature relationship in a lot of ways. They have fun together, there are some sparks, they enjoy each other mentally and physically. They’re sort of like, “Let’s just see what happens.”

In the film "Magic Mike," how does Steven Soderbergh direct you to play a stripper?

I guess the way any genius auteur would direct an actor to play a stripper. They make sure we prepare properly. I studied with a group called The Hollywood Men here in L.A. I learned a lot actually from those guys because a lot of my performance takes place either on stage or backstage when you’re preparing to go on or after we’ve come off. So getting to hang out with them was very informative that way. Really the central relationship is Channing [Tatum] and Alex Pettyfer’s relationship in the film. They play Mike and this character called The Kid.

It’s actually a really intricate plot of the "Saturday Night Fever"/"Boogie Nights" ilk. It’s a mentorship thing and one person is unhappy with where he is and knows there’s a real ceiling to that lifestyle and that life and one person who’s just getting into the whole glorious aspect of what it means. I play one of the fellow dancers who’s sort of a big part of bringing The Kid a little deeper into what it means to be in that rockin’ Dionysian world of stripping.

What actors’ careers would you like to emulate?

I always say Paul Newman. Matt Damon. I’m more of a fan of directors. I like to just work with great directors. I think if you’re able to do that, hopefully you can continue on that course and you’ll be in okay shape.

What classic movie would you like to remake?

I would like to maybe remake "Le Samourai" with Alan Delon. That’d be a fun one to remake.

And would you like to star in that?

That’s be fun, yeah. No, I’d like to remake a movie and play the person who walks behind him. [Laughs] that’d be a fun one.

What product do you use to get your hair like that?

Not a lot to be honest with you. I have a pomade type product I’ll use if I have to look nice.

One of my Twitter followers wanted me to ask if you’re ticklish. I’m not afraid to ask the hard hitting questions, so are you?

That is hard hitting. Yes, I am. I am.