Beavis and Butthead In Real Life

Everyone loves MTV’s Beavis and Butthead, but would you like them as much if they were real? After talking with them for 5 minutes, looking at their ugly mugs, you’d probably want to kick their asses, just like everyone in Highland. As you can see, several artists have portrayed what they think Beavis and Butthead would look like IRL, and it’s not a pretty sight.



I will not come to Butthead. Not with those crazy eyes. [via]



I need 3D for my bunghole. [via]



Whoa. That guy is cool. [via]


Chris Kemp

This looks like Beavis after Todd works over his face. [via]



They look like old men wearing wigs. [via]


Step By Step

They lure you in with Christmas porn, then they burn your cabin down. Fire!


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