10 Nintendo Classics We Want Remade for 3DS


The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D just released this past week to much fanfare and critical praise. That got us thinking — What other Nintendo classics would we like to see get the remastering treatment with 3D implementation? And thus this list was born. Here are 10 classics we think deserve the same attention as Ocarina of Time, turning them from dusty relics to modern day gems.

Goldeneye 007


This one seems obvious, does it not? However, getting Goldeneye 007 on the 3DS is a long shot. The game is pretty much in purgatory because of the debacle over who exactly owns the rights to the property. However, we can dream, can’t we? A visually upgraded version of Goldeneye, in 3D no less, would look absolutely stunning. The ability to take it on the go would just be icing on the cake. This is one of the best games to ever see release on the Nintendo 64, it is due for a dust-off.




We’re not talking a straight up port here, oh no. While some fans would love to just replay one of the greatest SNES games ever created in its pure vanilla form, we’d like to see it remade with new graphics, V.O., remastered music and item management. The charm, the dialogue and the game would need to retain their classic form, just shinier.

Space Station Silicon Valley


This is one of the greatest Nintendo 64 games you probably never played. It was glitchy, that’s a downright fact, but Space Station Silicon Valley was a charming puzzle adventure title built around ridiculous animals, robots and a massive doughnut shaped space station. Put it in 3D, make it look lovelier and ditch the awkward controls and this one would be a winner.

Jet Force Gemini


This game marks another stellar showing by Rare on the N64 platform. Jet Force Gemini was part platformer, part action-adventure and part shooter wrapped into one hell of a package. Did we mention it also had a badass space dog? The vibrant alien worlds would definitely benefit from a resolution touch-up, while the gunplay issues could easily be ironed out with the 3DS’s comfortable control layout.

Conker’s Bad Fur Day


Maybe this list should have been titled “How to remake Rare’s entire catalogue for the 3DS.” Conker’s Bad Fur Day was exactly the type of game the misguided youth of the early 2000s needed to break away from the gaming industry’s obsession with cute, fuzzy critter mascots. Conker was rude, offensive and had a serious drinking problem. And guess what? We loved him for it. Bringing back Conker’s Bad Fur Day for the 3DS would be a check in the win column for the hardcore gaming crowd still on the fence about adopting Nintendo’s latest system.

Star Wars: Rogue Squadron


The best aircraft fighter ever? Phhhhhhhh, yeah. Also one of the best Star Wars games ever made. Rogue Squadron marked a brilliant point in both Nintendo and Star Wars gaming history. The title was an absolute blast, and to see it revived and redone for the 3DS would be incredible. Give us that online co-op and this would sell like tauntaun fur.

Looney Toons B-ball


Just like Earthbound up above, only less celebrated, we want Looney Toons Basketball to get a full helping of remastered glory. Why? The game was flippin’ great! And we don’t care if there’s no online multiplayer here, we’d love to b-ball with friends in person. Dibs on Marvin the Martian, chump.

1080 Snowboarding


This one still holds a place in our hearts as the first fantastic snowboarding game we ever played. It was insanely difficult at times, absolutely, but it still managed to retain its dynamic, fun charm. How about the addition of online multiplayer, leaderboards and, hold up, trick videos to share with friends? I know, I know. WE CRAZY.

Diddy Kong Racing


One game that surprised the hell out of us when it released on the N64 was Diddy Kong Racing. We never thought there would be a game to rival Mario Kart 64. But in rides Diddy Kong and his merry band of misfits, with their karts, planes and hover boats, and our hearts melted. This game featured some fantastically vibrant levels, some awesome vehicles and weapons and a great cast of characters. This would be one classic kart racing title we would love to see get the remake treatment.

Wave Race 64


Picture this: you’re riding the wake, beating the competition by half a lap, while imaginary water spits back into your face through the power of the 3DS’s 3D tech. Doesn’t that sound magical? Wave Race 64 is one of the last games we thought about for this list, but it’s also one of the most obvious additions in hindsight. This game could definitely use a graphical makeover, and the use of 3D would make the high-seas races come to life like never before.