30 Awesome Bootleg Products (Gallery)

For every popular product on the market, there’s countless cheap knockoffs attempting to fool the inattentive customer and swindle them out of their cash. 


In honor of all the corner-cutting imitators out there, we’ve put together a gallery of 30 Awesome Bootleg Products on the market. Why have a Game Boy when you can have Advanced Boy? Who cares about the Left 4 Dead franchise when Left Over 4 Dead is waiting to rock you? And of course, there’s no point in playing with any of those Transformers action figures (especially Starscream) when for a few bucks less you can pick up a Transmogrifiers toy like Star Holler!


The latest addition to the GTA franchise: Tarzan!

Free of Game Boy’s pesky gender specification!


Pocket Monster Carbuncle!

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World, Weapons, Call of Duty, Called To Duty, what’s the difference?

Jim Carrey stars as Kick Master!


Thank goodness for product descriptions.

This? Oh, just the Game Theory Admiral. Jealous? 

Like Nintendo, Playstation and a REAL GUN had a retarded baby.

Comes with RPG shown on box.

With extra cartridge!

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Games of the future in a 1982 package!

So… it’s a girl now?

Just how many Peter Parkers are there?


The new PS3 comes with its own screen.

For those of you who like a little pain with your chocolate.

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His wife is in danger! But this time he has shoes!


Star Wars, as it was originally meant to be shown. 


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