Top ten most quotable movies

Top ten most quotable movies

A good quote in a movie can end up being like a really good song, it just sticks in your head for days and days, and you will end up just spitting it out whenever it fits, or whenever you feel like it. Some people can have entire conversations involving nothing but movie quotes, and sometimes you can be set back into that wonderful time in a movie just by someone stating a simple word or phrase. But of course to have wonderful quotes you have to have amazing movies. The following are the top ten most quotable movies, these are the movies that there were not just a few good one liners…these had entire conversations that within five minutes had tons of quotes to fill your blogs with. Enjoy!

10. South Park: Bigger, Longer, and Uncut

Trey Parker, and Matt Stone are pretty much comedic geniuses, and this was the one that put them on the map. Pretty much every episode of South Park has at least three good quotes in it, almost always coming from Cartman, and their full length movie was no exception, pulling out any and all stops they fired out great quote after great quote, from Saddam Hussein trying to win back Satan, to what happens when Cartman receives the V Chip.

Greatest Quote: Mr Garrison – I’m Sorry Wendy, but I don’t trust anything that bleeds for five days and doesn’t die.”

9. Multiplicity

I think that everyone can agree on one fact, Michael Keaton is the man! He has been Batman, he has been Beetlejuice, and he has even been four different versions of one character. Multiplicity is one of those movies that not a lot of people think of when….well when pretty much anything gets said about anything…you can’t even mention cloning and get people to talk about this movie. But all that aside, it had some really good quotes all the way through, most of them being produced from the less intelligent clone Number 4. If you haven’t seen this movie go watch it then go ahead and quote number 4 all day long…it’s cool.

Greatest Quote: Doug – “I’m gonna buy you a present!”

                        Number 4 – “a Chainsaw?!?!?”

                        Doug – “…..or a book…but it’s gonna be nice!”

8. Bad Boys 2

Eminem once made fun of Will Smith for not ever swearing in his records, well that’s because he saves up all those F bombs for the Bad Boys Movies. Will Smith, and Martian Lawrence proved that they could work as one hysterical comedy, yet bad ass action team. Bad Boys one was a pretty good action flick for the late nineties but nothing compared to the follow up Bad Boys 2 in 2003; This movie wasn’t just Michael Bay blowing stuff up, it also had some great one liners, and some pretty funny fights between our two heroes. It’s one of those movies that you can just go through the entire thing once, and at the end want to watch it again so you can quote along.

Greatest Quote: Mike – Now that’s how you supposed to shoot, from now on that’s how you shoot! Oh man, I want my next partner to shoot like that WOOOOO… it takes a dysfunctional mother****** to bust somebody in the head like that. That’s some disfunctional shit! My next partner’s gonna invite me to his barbeques and shit, though.”

7. Baseketball

Trey Parker, and Matt Stone make the list again with what I think is a much better representation of who these two guys are. In 1998 just a year before the South Park movie, these two guys were the inventors of a crazy new sport Baseketball. Making fun of everything from fat people, to sports, to of course Disney Land, this movie pretty much was a comedy has left me wanting more movies from these two dudes from Colorado.

Greatest Quote: Joe Cooper – “Go back to your fancy cars, and your big bank accounts, and your celebrity friends, and your beautiful women, and Victoria Silvestedt, Playmate of the Year… F***!”

6. Grandma’s Boy

Another comedic genius to fall upon Hollywood is of course the ever amazing production team of Happy Madison productions. One of their greatest hits was shockingly not an Adam Sandler movie, but a movie that featured Allen Covert in his first lead role. This movie also introduced us to the amazing comedic styles of Nick Swardson. If you’re a video game nerd, please go watch this movie, you will enjoy all the random video game references in the background, while your listening to the ever amazing quotes that will leave your sides hurting form laughter.

Greatest Quote: Alex – “Dude…your bed is a car….”

                        Jeff – “Yeah but it’s a f****** sweet car!”

5. Blades of Glory

Will Ferrell is amazing, and there really isn’t anything this guy can’t do, nor is there anything he won’t make fun of. Of course Ice Skating is probably one of the easiest things to make fun of, Will Ferrell and John Heder took it to a whole new level in Blades of Glory. It seems like Will Ferrell won’t take a role unless he has at least 50 unforgettable lines in each movie and of course this movie is no exception. The character of Chazz Michael Michaels, delivers line after line of funny goodness that you will be saying to all of your friends wasted, just to get a chuckle out of them.

Greatest Quote – Chazz: “Night is a dark time for me”

                        Jimmy: “It’s dark for everyone you idiot”

                        Chazz: “Not for Alaskans…and people with Night vision goggles”

4. Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy

I don’t really know how much needs to be said about this movie, except that out of all of the Will Ferrell movies this one is the best. Not only did this have a plethora of quotes in the movie, it had great quotes from the freaking soundtrack as well! I am even willing to bet that 60% of people reading this article are thinking of quotes from this movie right now. Because it is just that good. And this movie wasn’t even amazing just because of Mr. Ferrell it also had the great talent of David Koechner, Steve Carell, and Paul Rudd, all putting in their ever amazing quotes.

Greatest Quote: Ron Burgundy – "I don’t know how to put this but….. I’m kind of a big deal"

3. Boondock Saints

This was a movie, that no one had really heard of in 1999 when it released, it didn’t hit theatres because of the Columbine shooting, and ended up being a straight to video/DVD release, but a couple of years later it became a really well known cult movie, then soon hot topic was selling Saints merchandise every St. Patricks Day and now pretty much everyone and their third cousin twice removed has heard of this movie. Of course this movie drops more F Bombs than Geroge W. Bush does everytime he hears the word Iraq, but it provided with some great quotes showing, that the Irish, just like drinking, truly know how to swear.

Greatest Quote: Murphy – “We’re like 711, we’re not always doin business….but we’re always open.”

2. Super Troopers

This is the movies that actually made cops cool…and not just cool, but suddenly everyone wanted to be a state patrolman and not even to shoot people or carry a gun, just so they could say “Meow do you know how fast your going?” or so they could play the repeater. Any fan of this movie has seen it at least a dozen times and can quote it front to back and back to front, you can just say meow..and people all around will automatically start quoting it no matter where you are. It’s true, it even happened to me in church once…..

1. Fight Club

So I feel like I’m breaking rule number one just by talking about this but it has to be in this list. Despite the fact that I was threatened with my life by several other people if I did not add this to my article, it was actually already here to begin with. Fight Club also stepped on the scene in 1999 (another reason no one saw Boondock Saints) and truly showed just how screwed up Chuck Palahniuk really is. It is also the movie that finally showed that Brad Pitt wasn’t just a pretty boy he could get down and whoop some ass if necessary.  Not only did this movie have a twist at the end that has been copied numerous times, but lines that have been duplicated around the world and in several different movies. This movie is so great infact that I will give you the top three quotes from it.

3 Greatest Quotes: You may argue with the quotes below and that’s cool, there are a ton to choose from, which is probably why this movie made the top of this list….don’t ya think?

Tyler Durden – "You’re not your job. You’re not how much money you have in the bank. You’re not the car you drive. You’re not the contents of your wallet. You’re not your fucking khakis. You’re the all-singing, all-dancing crap of the world."

Narrator"On a long enough timeline, the survival rate for everyone drops to zero."

Tyler Durden – "WHOA! WHOA! WHOA! Ok, you are now firing a gun at your ‘imaginary friend’ near 400 GALLONS OF NITROGLYCERINE!"

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