Woman Demands $14 Refund After ‘Facebook Psychic’ Gives Her Garbage Predictions

Photo: pidjoe (Getty Images)

If you’re willing to dig into your back account and hand over money to someone claiming to be a psychic on Facebook, well I have to say that you most likely deserve to get duped. And that’s what Niamh Gargan recently went through.

According to Metro, the 19-year-old woman from the UK, came across a psychic on Facebook who was charging her for a reading. For £10 ($13.96) Gargan could know her future from a psychic who called herself ‘Brodie Mcdougall.’ Well let’s just say that Mcdougall wasn’t exactly legit.

It all kicked off when Mcdougall starting making basic claims like Gargan was “into beauty and hair” and “wanted to settle down with someone.” But things took a turn when Gargan, who can’t have children, was told she would soon fall pregnant. The hilarious exchange was shared on Twitter by one of Gargan’s pals.

Here’s a closer look at when Gargan has enough:

Screenshot: Twitter

Eventually Gargan received her money back, but even she can admit that this was a total fail on her part. Here’s what she said:

“I felt like an idiot but I couldn’t stop laughing at my own stupidity and the things she was coming out with. I think she was just saying the first thing that came into her head.”

No one here should be shocked that someone claiming to be a psychic on Facebook is a total fake. What baffles me is that someone is so desperate for answers that they are willing to pay up. Luckily for this gal she got her cash back.

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