Some People Are Angry The U.S. Air Force Shared Footage Of The ‘Angel Of Death’

Photo: U.S. Air Force/Getty Images

I don’t know the first thing about military weapons. What I do know is America has arguably the most powerful military on earth. I also know that we sure like showing them off, and that is why the Air Force recently shared footage of an Air Force AC-130 gunship releasing its “Angel of Death Flare.”

Let’s first take a look at the tweet below:

Pretty incredible footage. But what the hell are you looking at? Well according to Maxim, “It is an anti-missile maneuver, a defensive tactic, not a weapon. It is meant to confuse heat-seeking missiles, as the flares burn at more than a thousand degrees Fahrenheit.” This is a plane that been used by the Air Force for the last 50 years.

But with that said, while some people were pumped after watching this:

Others were not very happy:

As always, things like this will always bring strong opinions from both sides, so we’ll just let you lovely folks tell us your opinion. Should our military be tweeting stuff like this out?

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