The Week’s Funniest GIFs 1-25-18

We don’t want to give too much away, but you’re about to see a whole bunch of people either falling down, hurting themselves, and possibly both in one. Then again, if you come here often, that’s kind of the scene around these parts. Plus, the guy racking his nuts above should have been a dead giveaway. In fact, if you were coming here expecting anything but the aforementioned, we’re not sure you quite grasp the concept of what makes a funny GIF just yet. But after today, you most certainly will.

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Funniest GIFs 1-25-18

We aren’t exactly sure how the human mind works, but we’d be willing to bet some serious coin that if you were to take another look at last week’s hilarious GIFs roundup, you’d still laugh multiple times. Prove us wrong.