Save ‘Caprica’ Movement Begins

Save 'Caprica' Movement Begins

Last week, Syfy canceled the "Battlestar Galactica" prequel "Caprica" after it failed to ignite on Tuesday nights. However, fans of the series are not ready to give up on it.

A fan named Rosemary Medrano has started a Save Caprica campaign that plans to deliver a large shipment of apples to Syfy’s corporate office in response to the cancellation. According to Medrano, the apples were chosen because an apple was used in the initial advertising for ‘Caprica’ as an allegory to humanity’s decent into sin from The Bible, which was a critical theme of the series.

The Save Caprica campaign also pointed out the difficulties faced by the show from the long delay of the second half of the season to the rushed announcement of its return to the schedule only a few weeks ahead of time. In its new Tuesday timeslot, "Caprica" struggled to compete against fall TV series away from the traditional Friday night Syfy schedule.

“’Caprica’ was canceled before it hit it’s stride," said Medrano. "I truly believe that at the rate it is going now and with some tweaking of the schedule and marketing, the ratings would go way up. Look at the accolades it has received from the media. This could be a great and long running show with the potential to make a lot of money for the network.”

Earlier this week, a report suggested that the fate of "Caprica" was decided almost immediately after it was put on Tuesdays, and that the "Battlestar Galactica: Blood & Chrome" TV movie would not have been upgraded to a TV movie and possible series if "Caprica" had not faltered so early.

Fans looking to donate to the Save Caprica campaign can go to and make a donation before November 9. The site notes that a $5 donation will add about 7 apples to the shipment, which is expected to be made to Syfy on November 15.