Everyone Is Confused By This Sleeves-Only Sweater Selling For $2,000

Photo: Rafa Elias (Getty)

Fashion is weird, man. How weird is it? Well there are actually detachable jeans for sale. There’s also some jeans you can buy for over $400 that have fake mud on them. You know, if that’s your thing. Or perhaps you’d rather own a sleeves-only sweater that show off your nipples. Yeah? Well, hopefully you have $2,165.

Thanks to Calvin Klein, a brand new “Multicolor Wool Cheerleader Sweater” that only has sleeves has the internet confused. The “sweater” keeps your arms warm but not your torso as it puts your nipples on display. Just have a look at this thing.

And as ridiculous as this looks people are actually buying it — so much so they are flying off the shelves.

But even so, people are still baffled as to why anyone in their right mind would want to purchase this. Take a look at some of the best responses on Twitter.

Well, keep your eye out because someone is buying it.

h/t The Daily Edge

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