Joel Osteen Got Completely Bashed For Not Opening His Houston Megachurch To Take In Flood Victims

Photo: NBC NewsWire (Getty)

Everyone knows by now that Hurricane Harvey continues to bring destruction and chaos to Texas as thousands of people have had to leave their homes and seek shelter. Tons of people from around the country have offered their help, and plenty of people in Texas have also offered shelter to those in need. One of those people who have not offered anything? Super rich pastor Joel Osteen.

Osteen owns the Lakewood Church, a Houston megachurch. The massive house of worship holds 16,800 seats and pretty much looks like a huge concert venue. But this is what Osteen decided to tweet.

Thanks for nothing, Joel.

And you just knew that Osteen was going to get bashed, and rightfully so.

Lakewood Church of course chimed in to respond to the backlash with this post on their Facebook.

But once again people called bullshit.

And the roasting continued:

And apparently all that roasting paid off.

Took long enough, Joel.

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