Today’s Funny Photos 8-22-17

So, how are your eyes? Did you injure them looking at the sun yesterday? Hopefully you didn’t, because you need those set of eyes to take a look at the newest batch of Funny Photos that we have for you now. So if you thought that looking at the eclipse was majestic we have another majestic sight for you but this time it’s our funnies. And you won’t even have to buy a silly pair of glasses. All you have to do is kick back and stroll through the laughs. Although you can wear some sunglasses if you want anyway. No judgements here! Now enjoy today’s funnies!

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And speaking of buying things you need: Grocery Shopping On Payday VS. When You’re Broke





But maybe your waitress was busy fighting another waitress: This Hooters Waitress Got In A Catfight With Another Employee And Her Mugshot Is Glorious






Well, that’s a plus. You know what else is a plus? That we have a ton of more Funny Photos.


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