Today’s Funny Photos 8-15-17

Since you’re probably tired of the intro to daily funny photos essentially recapping what they are and the date, I’ve decided that –at least for this week — the header photo of the day is what I’ll base the writeup on. The result will play out like someone who thinks they are funny jumping onstage and doing an improv standup routine, but them’s the breaks. Or is it brakes? Eh, DKDC (Don’t Know, Don’t Care — try to keep up). Anyways, Pizza Hut preschool, huh? At least they’ll get their daily nutrients. Normally I’d say a steady diet of pizza from such a young age is a ticket to an early grave, but these days, Tombstones could hit you when you least suspect them, so why jump to conclusions?

See, that was super lame, right? OK, changed my mind. It’s back to the drawing board on Friday when I make my return to funnies. Until then, just be glad I’m done talking.

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Today’s Funny Photos 8-15-17

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