Today’s Funny Photos 7-27-17

Thursday’s gone with the wind. Great song. I changed up the words a little, but it’s still the same in essence. Well, unless you think the essence of Tuesday is really something all that special. Can we just come to an agreement that Tuesday and Thursday are the same day in disguise. Everyone’s been thinking it over the years, but I’m finally saying it. They have the same basic feel. Hell, when they abbreviate the days of the week on calendars, they put “R” for Thursday because “T” was already taken. It may not be the best conspiracy theory the internet can come up with, but it’s the best I can give you in a brief paragraph introducing today’s funny photos. Take it or leave it.

We have a theory about social media platforms too, but it involves following Mandatory on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and asking zero follow-up questions.

While we’re on the subject of blowing the chance to make a “cool” pun: Bro Nearly Kills Himself After Shooting Explosives-Filled Refrigerator

Nothing wrong with a little Christmas in July. Well, most of the time: 7-Year-Old Girl Opens Nintendo Wii Game ‘Splatoon’ On Christmas But Finds Porn DVD Inside Instead

No time to ask questions. Just see if they’ll give you a lift to yesterday’s funny photos.


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