Today’s Funny Photos 7-24-17

Oh Monday, how we loathe you.

And that takes care of my “Word-a-Day” calendar entry this fine morning.

*checks off the word “how” on wall calendar*

Anyways, it’s the first of the week (Is that a thing? Is that technically Sunday?), which means it’s my last chance to turn your frowns upside down. My first chance, of course, was that time I was studying to be a dentist. However, apparently people don’t like when you do that to them cosmetically. Oh well! Live and learn. Besides, this is way easier, and I’d go as far to say that I’m decent at it. So let’s all figuratively warp our faces in unnatural ways as we laugh through another smoking hot batch of fresh funnies.

Warning: If funnies are actually smoking, call your nearest computer technician.

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Today’s Funny Photos 7-24-17

funny photos 7-24-172funny photos 7-24-174funny photos 7-24-17

Also: Hot Italian Instagram Model Turns Haters’ Comments Into Toilet Paper



Friggin’ cats, man: Bird Completely Owns Stupid Box-Obsessed Cat Trying To Give It The Business


But we have a solution: last Friday’s funny photos. That somehow makes sense, right?