Today’s Funny Photos 7-13-17

You know in movies when one character is doing something shady and says to another, “You gotta stall them,” and hilarity ensues as that person babbles his way through an off-the-cuff conversation of pure nonsense. Well, that’s how I feel every day writing these intros. But don’t take that as a knock on them in any way. I love writing them as much as you enjoy reading them (and I know you all do). The only difference here is that I don’t actually want to distract you from what you are about to see. Hence, this intro is over.

Oh, and someone has stolen your wallet. That’s the real reason I was creating this diversion. Happy Thursday!

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Today’s Funny Photos 7-13-17

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Uhh, yeah, we never really write stuff about “kale” per se, but… Kaley Cuoco Was Sure Excited To Show Off Her ‘Golden Globes’


Now cats we can handle: Dude Discovers Cat Repeatedly Flushing The Toilet Is To Blame For High Water Bill


That was a fun game of point-counterpoint, but now it’s time to point you in the direction of yesterday’s funny photos.