Today’s Funny Photos 6-15-17

I’m making this up with absolutely no scientific evidence to back it, but the longer you go in between bouts of uncontrollable laughter, the more likely you are to be impotent by age 30. I know, it’s quite a shock. But if an apple a day keeps the doctor away, then why can’t funny photos have some sort of impact on your ability to conceive children? For that matter, why didn’t I just use the expression “laughter is the best medicine” to back up my claim? While those questions certainly won’t be answered here (or probably ever anywhere), you can easily take your mind off of this idiotic intro by zoning out to these daily funnies.

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If it exists, this show did it: Here Is More Stuff The Simpsons Have Predicted

Far from the worst we’ve seen: Yearbooks Recalled After School Realizes Student’s Quote Is Sexual As Hell

I think that’s the end. It has to be, right? Perhaps yesterday’s funny photos can shed some more light on it.


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