Today’s Funny Photos 5-17-17

I was going to have a little fun today and try to do the daily funny photos without using a single picture with meme text on it. It seemed like a simple enough task until I realized many things. First off, half the pics I found were of signs or marquees, which are basically the same thing as having meme text over a photo. Secondly, we start every day with a sexy girl photo complete with meme text. That’s kind of hard to work around. And last but not least, why the f–k would I want to do a roundup of funny photos without memes? They’re usually the funniest ones.

And that, gentlemen and ladies, is why today’s collection contains very few, but still several, photos implementing meme text.

The End (of my intro).

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Today’s Funny Photos 5-17-17

OK, these cats might, but that’s it: English Dude And His Cats Recreate Memorable Scenes From Classic Movies

Rambo was a great Stallone movie to be sure, but it’s got nothing on this underrated bad boy: Cliffhanger Is The Most Underrated Movie Of The ’90s

Last call for yesterday’s funny photos!


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