Thanks To Twitter This Artist Got A Free Car (Well, Sort Of)

Since no one likes to work for anything these days, we all expect things for free. That’s why this dude tried to get a free Mercedes, and then was completely trolled. But artist Hector Janse Van Rensburg (what a name) wasn’t expecting anything for free when he innocently shared a tweet.

The tweet, which features Rensburg in the bath, with a bottle of Radox shower gel in the background, can be seen below.

And guess what? Radox actually replied because what else do the folks at Radox do all day? Here’s there response.

Radox even went as far as to send Rensburg a private message.

So Radox was more than willing to send Rensburg some free stuff. But then obviously Rensburg gets an idea and decides to pose with a hand-drawn picture of an Aston Martin, to which Radox says this to:

And Aston Marin did take it from there. Look at what they were willing to send Rensburg:

That’s right, just a toy car for Rensburg. Well, it was worth the shot. And he does now get some free shower gel, a free toy car and internet fame. Which is better than a fancy car. Right? Right?

h/t Indy100

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