Forget You’re Miserable With These Cute Animal Memes

Even if you were the biggest, baddest dude in your prison wing, you surely must watch cute animal memes when no one’s looking. That’s probably the only thing that can help you forget all the people you shanked in the joint, and also those things that happen when the sheets are on the cell doors. But enough about my weird fantasies, you’re here for the awesome memes of furry friends, and besides being loving, caring creatures (except cats), animals are great sources of memes. That’s one of the reasons why we have our phone cameras pointed at our pets 24/7.

Arguably the best-looking dog ever starts us off with one of the most relatable memes of all times. You wouldn’t get mad at yourself after you did this and seeing yourself in the mirror as no one can be mad at this cuddly cuteness.
Cute animal memeThe one-two knockout combo of cuteness as we have a dog and a small human, a child they call them, and both play their parts perfectly. Hopefully, she will become a veterinarian and he will chase balls and sticks around parks for the rest of his career.
Very cute animal memesThe eternal conflict, one as long as the history of the human race, but also much more interesting. Poor dogs, they always get blamed for evil schemes of the world’s best camoflouged psychopats – cats.
Funny and cute animal memesSee, this is probably just a trap that this kitty put in place to get more milk, food, or attention from its owner. She probably saw Fellowship of the Ring and came up with this master plan. You’re no Gandalf the Grey kitty, you didn’t put “you fools” at the end, it’s a rookie mistake, but you have your 9 lives ahead of you so you’ll learn.
Cute animal memes - bunniesContinuing the theme of epic movie lines, this bunny is a Rohirrim rider if I ever saw one, cuter than Marry on a pony and fiercer than Eomer.
Cute animal meme - cat riderIf you ever played the real-time strategy game Warcraft III: Reign Of Chaos you’ve read this in a very high pitched voice. Followed by a “Brrrm!”
Awesome and cute animal memesObviously, we consider placing innocent animals into hypothetical war zones and action situations very cute. This otter was probably out there fighting for the Allied Atheist Alliance, defending the holy name of science, and this is what it got. Remember our veterans.
Funniest cute animal memesThis squirrel resembles your girlfriend when she gets mad at you for a ridiculous thing like not remembering her mother’s maiden name. But we can bet that this cute creature is more reasonable than a girlfriend who wants to start trouble, cause she’s bored.
Cute animal memes with dogsDogs are still the undisputed rulers of cute animal memes. And if you don’t have a dose of fear or at least suspicion for the Maltese dogs that’s probably because you hadn’t seen Rick and Morty, and you definitely should.
Best cute animal memes If I opened an egg carton and found this real white ninja master hiding in there I wouldn’t even get mad. Years of training in his dojo led him to complete his mission by becoming one with the carton, becoming an egg.
Cool and cute animal memesSo no matter how miserable you feel, just remember this poor white descendent of wolves and the disrespect he has to endure every day. The mailman also doesn’t watch Rick and Morty, otherwise, he would’ve done what our future dog overlords want him to do.

Hopefully, you don’t feel like such a dirty Foul Bachelor Frog anymore after watching these cute animal memes. Spread the cuteness and share your favorites in the comments bellow, we won’t tell anyone.

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