Kanye West Gif: A Gift For the Genius Communicator

Photo: PATRICK KOVARIK/AFP(Getty Images)

If you’re a type of person that is constantly wondering how you can improve all areas of your life, we have a solution for the very important communication part. It comes from the direction of a world-renowned, multitalented genius that is Kanye West. And no, again, it’s not Kanye himself who is writing this. Almost as popular as his music and crazy social media rants are Kanye West gifs and the famous rapper has become the entertainment world’s second biggest meme, behind Drake, of course.

So take a look at the best Kanye gifs and start using them daily when communicating with your friends, parents, grandparents, and especially college professors.

The most famous Kanye West gif by far, and possibly deservedly so as the rapper looks like an android robot shutting down in a B-list sci-fi movie. The amazing part is that his smile truly seems genuine at the start of the gif, but by the end, it’s just deadness in the eyes and disgust for the world.

Another emotions-shutdown by Kanye West, it’s just perfect for all those times you’re getting roasted on group chat from all sides and all you can do is pretend to enjoy yourself as much as your tormentors. It’s a two for the price of one gif as the dude with the hat in the background has his gif-worthy moment too and perhaps it’s that which made Kanye lose all faith in humanity for a second – someone stealing his spotlight.

At this point, we just want to give him a hug and whisper “everything is going to be ok” into his ear, and also “you are a creative genius and the greatest artist that ever was”.

This is the face you make the morning after being black-out drunk while people tell you that you hit on your girlfriends younger sister. Also, when you see Russell Westbrook’s fashion choices.

Take notice, this is exactly how you’ll look when someone mentions the incident at their family’s lunch. It’s also the face you make when trying to understand that stupid “gayfish” joke that you’re the only one that doesn’t understand it.

Years after you will be able to laugh at it along with everybody else, that is if the girl didn’t dump you first thing in the morning. At which point it’s cool to hit up the younger sister, maybe she wouldn’t be that judgemental.

Undeniably, you’re going to get a lot of bad comments for your actions, but respond with this gif from Kanye’s fittingly named track Can’t Tell Me Nothing. Think that this song was a necessity for Kanye, not an artistic choice, but it still made our list of 15 best Kanye West songs.

This is the most Kanye gif ever, it’s basically a person compressed into a moving image lasting two seconds. Kind of makes you wonder what would your own gif look like.

Finishing the girlfriend’s younger sister pentalogy we started is the gif perfect for all the time people will judge you for marrying the younger sister and hitting on the ex-girlfriend at the wedding reception.

We really went deep with that made up a roller coaster of a family drama that nobody wanted, something like studios did with the Fast and Furious franchise, but are what you gonna do?

Oh, that’s right, you can’t tell us nothing! Well, except in the comments, there you can post your favorite Kanye West gifs and the situation in which you flood someone’s inbox with them.

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