The Best Damn Cat Memes On The Internet

The never-stopping obsession the internet has with cats that lasts since the dark age of dial-up reaches its climax with awesome cat memes that have flooded our digital home. Internet scientists say that one in three images on the internet is of cats, and the two others are porn, so we have a really big, Olympic pool of cat memes to choose from. We selected the absolute cream of the crop for your viewing pleasure, but be warn, after seeing them you might not be completely satisfied with your unmemed, boring old cat.

When it comes to memes, Canadian rapper/singer Drake is the only thing that can come close to the popularity of cats, and so was Nicholas Cage once before him.

This pizza awaiting cat is a proof that while cats are definitely not from planet Earth, we still have some similarities with them. And also, it looks more majestic than Simba and Mufasa ever did in The Lion King.Cat memeWe start us off with some savagery and this amazing Forrest Gump reference, that just makes us envision Tom Hanks in character waving to lieutenant Dan.
Funny cat memesThe craze for cats, unmatched even by the ancient Egypt culture, wouldn’t be as high as it is if it weren’t for angry cats, and this angry cat meme definitely doesn’t look like fiction. The Louis XIV of cats was born for this meme, and the word peasant has also been revived by our meme-obsessed minds, we stopped using it as a species for a while.
Awesome cat memesSomeone asked himself why does this cat look like it is the best free kick taker in the world. Bend it like Beckham, kitty, or Hakan Calhanoglu.
Cool cat memesReservoir Cats am I right? Or at least extras in Grease, slamming it up behind John Travolta while You’re the One That I Want plays in the background.
Funny cat memeAdd “You fool”, to any photo and it becomes hilarious, and when it’s a cat meme it’s glorious. This Gandalf kitty is better at showing emotions than most humans and almost all human actors, excluding Sir Ian McKellen.
Vain cat memesThis, among other things, is also what you do when you see your ex and there’s no time to hide or avoid them. Also, it looks like any girl’s Instagram profile, which say a lot about both species.
Harry Potter cat memeSo far we have these funny cat memes covering a lot of really big movies, and hopefully, this cat doesn’t slam its head on the dresser constantly and lives with a family of blonde evil aristocrats. Although, that would explain why it looks the way it does.
Angry cat memeContrasting to the previous image, this cat looks like pure evil, and this image shouldn’t be shown to those who are undecied about their affection towards cats. This cat looks like the cutest vampire ever, and we are lucky that no Twilight fans visit our website as we would probably get swamped with defenses of their beloved Edvard. Even Blade wouldn’t have the heart to kill this furry bloodsucker.
Awesome cat memeBut in the end, we should remember that cats are not really evil, they are just dicks in the same way college roommates are. But cats can redeem themselves by becoming a funny cat meme, while roommates keep disappointing you until one of you moves out, Brian! Basically, cats are like the animal version of a college freshman, oblivious to the world they are in..
Funniest cat memesIt’s a crime not to share your favorite cat memes, so please do so in the comments bellow, although we probably even don’t have to ask you as that is what cat people just do – upload cat memes.

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