Video Games Memes All Gamers Will Relate To

Regardless of if you’re a dirty console peasant or a member of the glorious PC master race, we all can relate to some video game memes out there. There are moments and realizations that unite us as gamers despite the war waging between the shaky, Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo alliance on one side, and the unified PC front on the other.

Memes in general often deal with the commonalities we all encounter, while gaming memes do the same only for a narrower area that is the video game universe. We take a look at some of the best and most relatable gamer memes out there.

If you’re living with someone who doesn’t understand your love of gaming whether that’s your parents, siblings, or partners, Murphy’s law will be in effect at all times. Whenever they sit down next to you the game will glitch or something illogical will happen, but fitting the video game nerd cliche will hurt the most when something sexual appears on the screen, like the GTA loading screen.
Gaming memesWhile playing stealth games is rewarding, as is playing stealthily in games that go both ways, it can be pretty tense, as your senses need to be on high alert at all times. That’s why we encounter the sweet release while mowing down waves after waves of enemies, feeling like Rambo, sometimes even like Lt. Topper Harley from Hot Shots. If you’re that good on the trigger.
Video game memesWhat non-gamers don’t understand that playing video games is a time-travelling machine of sorts, you sit at your weapon of choice, console or a PC, and before you know it you’re teleported into the future of tomorrow. Turn-based games are known for this, as at 7 PM you’re breaking into the metal age, and by 6 AM you’re nuking Gandhi for Blitzkrieging you earlier. Civilized.
Gamer memesvideo game memeNothing beats combined memes, and “Bitch High as Fuck” is one of our favorite top memes, they are also a great way to joke about the laws of physics bending glitches, and at really stretched out premises that we just go with.
Video games memes anybody can relate toHaving your friend sit on your lap while you explain his noob-ass the tricks and trades of a pro is optional, but highly recommended if you’re talking about a vs. game in which you’ve dominated him. Nothing beats some trash-talking between friends.
Video games memes - Asssassin's creedWhile we all play games to relax and unwind, they sometimes induce rage outbursts parallel only to steroid usage. Badly designed controls are the absolute worst, making you feel stuck, aiming for that sweet release of overcoming it, before putting you down into the abyss with the controls completely betraying you.
Memes from video gamesSomeone needs to go to jail in order for this to stop. Video game developers keep toying with our expectations, making the release date as disappointing as the wait for the game was exciting and filled with hope. It’s an instant throwback to that eight birthday your dad didn’t show up, making gamers worldwide go “Bruuuh“.
Best video games memesThis is the only way to cope with the guilt of passing on the splendid offer mother Earth has in store for us, as you actually have only two more provinces to conquer before you have the whole Great Britain under your control. At that moment, a hopeful spring day just becomes a drag making you put sheets on your windows to blacken the room.
Top video games memesThis video game meme hits at the core of gaming as sometimes even pressing the space bar like a lunatic is entertaining enough when the game’s world grasped you tightly. The freedom to make almost unrestricted decisions is oddly satisfying, and gamers sure don’t need roads for where they are going.

Post your favorite relatable video games memes in the comments, please.