The Funniest GIFs Of The Week 1-19-17

The day has finally arrived. As of midnight tonight (or something like that; don’t ask me how the government works) there will be a new President. Since this is such a momentous occasion, we figured we’d do something equally significant. Truth be told, there is nothing particularly historic about today’s collection of funny GIFs from around the internet, but that doesn’t mean it won’t be full of plenty of surprises. OK, just one surprise. But like the inauguration of the 45th Prez of these United States, we’re gonna build it up to be “yuge” only to likely disappoint in the end. But at least you’ll laugh (and cringe) a lot along the way.

GIFs Of The Week 1-19-17:

You never know when a Beatles song will get stuck in your head.
Good thing dogs always land on their feet.
I can’t tell if he’s cussing at the end, or just concussed.
Probably shouldn’t have thrown the helmet.
This reminds me of something…
Fade to white.
Flashdance for dummies.
Where are those bumbling water girls when you really need them?
VR: When you’re not a big enough jackass in reality.
Impressive, sure. But someone is always waiting around the corner to one up you.
What’s the opposite of goaltending?
Paranormal Cat-tivity was just as scary as they said, right down to the ending.

I smell a prequel! Speaking of which, did you happen to CAT-ch last week’s hilarious GIFs?


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