Honest New Year’s Resolutions

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Somehow, someway, we’ve have gotten through this dumpster fire of a year. And while you may still be thinking of the weirdest party you can attend to ring in the new year, you’re probably thinking of what resolutions you’re going to make to yourself. You know, some new goals that you will aim to achieve in 2017. But let’s be honest, no one ever keeps those resolutions, as by week two of the new year you’re back to being the same terrible person you’re so comfortable being. So instead of making some goals you know you won’t reach nor care about reaching, these honest resolutions should be more up your alley.

So pick up a drink of choice, get your party outfit ready, jam out to some of the worst songs of the year and check out these honest resolutions.

Honest New Year’s Resolutions

Now let’s all forget about the year that was, OK? I think that is the best thing we can all do. Just get drunk, eat, and remind yourself that next year has to be better than this.

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