Today’s Funny Photos 11-16-16

It’s easy to dismiss Wednesday as simply midweek, and hence, just as shitty as any other day that doesn’t start with an “S” because you are stuck at work. In fact, that’s what it is. F–k Wednesday! It’s the worst thing since Monday or Tuesday. So help us spit in the face of its halfway point, Debbie Downer attitude by laughing your asses off at the following collection of today’s funniest photos from around the web.

Today’s Funny Photos 11-16-16:

funny photos 11-16-162_funny_photos_11_16_163_funny_photos_11_16_164_funny_photos_11_16_165_funny_photos_11_16_16

You catch more flies with Funny…whatever that means.

funny photos 11-16-167_funny_photos_11_16_168_funny_photos_11_16_169_funny_photos_11_16_16

We also feature specific funny photos, such as these hilarious Joe Biden Trolling Donald Trump memes.

funny photos 11-16-1611_funny_photos_11_16_1612_funny_photos_11_16_1613_funny_photos_11_16_1614_funny_photos_11_16_16

Did you hear the one about yesterday’s Funny Photos?