Today’s Funny Photos 11-2-16

Let’s keep this short and sweet, as there’s only so much that can be said about a Wednesday that hasn’t been relayed a thousand times to you guys. Yes, it’s only the middle of the week. Yes, you need something to get those spirits up for the two days left to go. Yes, I’ve been writing these intros for far too long now and am completely jaded on the whole thing. That’s why to spice things up, before today’s funny photos, we have a special live performance from the one and only Aerosmith! Give it up!

Way to rub it in, guys. Anyways, onto funnies.

Today’s Funny Photos 11-2-16:

funny photos 11-2-162_funny_photos_11_2_163_funny_photos_11_2_164_funny_photos_11_2_165_funny_photos_11_2_16

Allow us to point you in the direction of more Funny Photos.

funny photos 11-2-167_funny_photos_11_2_168_funny_photos_11_2_169_funny_photos_11_2_16

Dad Joke Memes are the new Funny Photos.

funny photos 11-2-1611_funny_photos_11_2_1612_funny_photos_11_2_1613_funny_photos_11_2_1614_funny_photos_11_2_16

Hey, remember when Yesterday’s Funny Photos? Good times.