The Funniest GIFs Of The Week 10-13-16

GIFs of the week are a hard thing to spice up. After all, there’s not much of a hook behind them beyond being the funniest ones that we were able to round up in any given week. However, that’s not going to stop us from trying. Last week, we attempted to keep you interested by promising an obscure The Simpsons reference at the end of the collection. But with The Walking Dead nearing its seventh season premiere and all the hype surrounding it, we figure maybe cliffhangers are a way to keep folks coming back for more. So prepare to be left on the edge of your seat by the end of this one. That’s all we’ll say for now. Brace yourselves.

GIFs Of The Week 10-13-16

Now I’m just confused which part of her is made of metal.

These treats are so light I could eat them all day.

The suspense is killing me.

The exact moment Tim decided it was time to grow up and get a real car.

She was never seen again.

Um, that’s not what a bird dog is.

I’ll never doubt the power of makeup again.

He was feeling left out.

Tire is still at large to this day.

Hmm, must not have been his stop.

Caught red rocketed.

Oh yeah, this one’s definitely a two parter.

Does baby have the upper body strength to pull off a miracle? Found out next week! Until then, last week’s hilarious GIFs aren’t half bad.


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