Never Pay To Do Laundry Again With This Genius Trick

Also, if you have no qualms about being a dick, that will help significantly. Jordan Baker, the man posting the cautionary tale of selling your washer and dryer, may in fact be “feeling annoyed,” but we’re guessing that’s simply because he didn’t think of the scam first. It’s a pretty brilliant way to get your clothes washed for free, all things considered, especially if you don’t mind making an enemy or two along the way.

genius free laundry trick, man washes clothes and leaves
I wonder if the same basic idea behind this genius scheme would work on apartments for rent. Guess we’ll leave it to Christopher Hemara to figure out.

(via Imgur)

On second thought, maybe stick to “antics” everyone will find funny: This Classroom Prank Equals Guaranteed Laughs Every Time