The Funniest GIFs Of The Week

The weekend is just one day away, which means that the funniest GIFs from around the web are right here in your face. Browse, laugh, and repeat. Doesn’t sound that complicated, does it?

funny gifs, girl beach flip fail
Who forgets how to showboat mid-showboat?

funny gifs, leaning tower tourist flipped
I bet he’s the first tourist to do that at least.

funny gifs, cat sinks bean bag
While you’re in there, can you try and find the remote?

funny gifs, falls out of truck
Jeez, he’s just carting a few of the old boxes away. Don’t flip out.

funny gifs, human billiard balls
I have a sneaking suspicion he’s cheating.

funny gifs, cyclist hits car window
You’ve had a better day than at least one person in 3, 2, 1…

funny gifs, wasted backflip nutshot
Well, any chance of him fathering children at least.

funny gifs, the martian socks stink
Seriously, dude, it’s time to go to the doctor and get those things checked out.

funny gifs, man throws christmas tree
When someone takes the joke too far. The girl, I mean. The guy was totally justified.

funny gifs, high jump fail
As the immortal Marge Simpson once said, “Aim low. Aim so low no one will even care if you succeed.”

funny gifs, broken atm screen
If he’s anything like me, no money would come out even if the machine were working.

funny gifs, jump rope trip man
After such a buildup, I’d expect nothing less.

funny gifs, snow breaks man falls
Winter storm Jonas is still finding ways to be a dick.

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