Watch Bill Hader, Kumail Nanjiani And Jeff Goldbum Audition To Play Young Han Solo

Off the back of last year’s hugely successful return of Star Wars to the big screen, fans are stewing in anticipation for a slew of films set to take place in the Star Wars universe over the next few years.

Earlier this month Alden Ehrenreich was cast to play the role of a young Han Solo in a yet-untitled film featuring the Millennium Falcon captain, beating actors including Dave Franco, Scott Eastwood and Emory Cohen to the part.

What you may not have known though, is that a host of other big name actors auditioned for the role. 50 Cent, Melissa McCarthy, Will Arnett, Jodie Foster and Adam Sandler all participated in a spoof on Conan – trying out for the role of young Han Solo.

Bill Hader is the standout, as he takes the audience through a serious of incredible impressions including young Jabba The Hutt and young Chewbacca. Jeff Goldbum is also sensational, not letting age get in his way of getting right into character. While Kumail Nanjiani asks; ‘So is this like a big spoiler when Han Solo was young that he was Pakistani?’ He continues ‘I will say that if you don’t cast me you’re racist.’

Check out the full ‘audition tape’ below.