Get the World’s Strongest Charging Cable While It’s On Sale

A USB cable is the kind of thing that you never really want to spend money on, even though you know quality matters. Especially when a quick Google search offers an endless range of cables — with many claiming to be genuine (we promise, they’re not) — for only a few bucks. After all, they’re just charging cables, so what’s the worst that could happen? But a crappy cable can actually damage your phone, and we all know the repair (or replacement!) bill will be an absolute mess. Get the best of both worlds — quality and affordability — with this deal on an Evercable.

This accessory has been tagged the world’s strongest charging cable, and with good reason: It was bent around more than 60,000 times during testing and survived all that pressure. We’re not joking when we say Evercable is designed to last for a lifetime.

Most charging cables get ruined from tangles and transport, but you don’t need to worry about that with Evercable, because it’s wrapped in thick stainless steel which makes it super durable. It’s a whole lot better than some of the brands you’re used to, as it gives you higher charging capacity and more data-read speed too.

Evercable isn’t just durable, it’s also a decent length. With its 4.35 feet, you can conveniently text and scroll without worrying about hanging out near the wall outlet.

Compatible with Apple® Lightning® devices, this steel-armored cable costs just $18.95, a 17% discount on the original price of $22.95. It’s also available in a USB-C version for $15.95, a savings of 19%.

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