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This Eco-Friendly Mini Air Conditioner Will Be Your Summertime BFF

TL; DR: A portable air conditioner at a 19% discount.

We all know what it’s like to try and get some sleep during a hot summer night: the endless tossing and turning, the stickiness of your sheets when you wake up sweaty as hell, and the clogged-up feel of your skin. It’s just plain awful.

There’s nothing better than getting some quality sleep with an air conditioner on full blast, but you should know that those large cooling machines use up insane amounts of energy. And they also aren’t great for your monthly electricity bill. So if you’re environmentally-conscious and/or living on a budget, that might not be such a great idea.

Thankfully, we’ve got a better, cheaper option for you. The EvaChill Personal Air Conditioner by EvaPolar is the ultimate solution for those hot, dry days and nights this summer and beyond. This portable device reaches full cooling power in just five to 10 minutes flat, and its blue LED backlight will set a super relaxing mood while you’re waiting. The minimalist design also fits just right into any spot in your apartment.

Don’t let the size of this device fool you – it’s more powerful than it looks. The high-speed fan uses natural evaporative cooling to keep your space just as chilled and breezy as an AC would, and the simple LED touch screen helps you control the speed with ease. It’s super silent so it won’t disturb your sleep, and it can run for nine hours without needing a refill.

If you’re looking to cool your entire house, this isn’t the right device for you. If you’re looking out for yourself and yourself only — you’ve found your new BFF — which by the way also works great in your new WFH office.

This personal air conditioner will definitely help you get the best sleep you’ve had all summer and is available at a 19% discount off the selling price of $99. At just $69.99, you’ll be able to get blissful zzz’s without breaking the bank.

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