Stephen Colbert Supports Proposed Changes To O Canada

After Mauril Belanger’s private members’ bill to change the words to “O Canada” was approved by MPs to go to its final vote, now celebs like Stephen Colbert of The Late Show With Stephen Colbert are backing the decision to make our anthem more gender-neutral.

For a few years now, several MPs have been criticizing “O Canada” for being sexist.

The bill (Bill C-210) would change the second line of “O Canada” – “true patriot love, in all thy sons command” – to “in all of us command” (The Canadian Press).

Colbert aired his own “updated” version of “O Canada,” including a bevy of classic Canadian stereotypes and saying, “I support this change, but Canada, you are missing a fantastic opportunity here to change more lyrics to show how great your beautiful country is” (The Huffington Post Canada). You can see it below.


Photo: CBS/Stephen Colbert