WWE 2K17 Trailer Hints at Goldberg vs Brock Lesnar Rematch

A brand new WWE 2K17 trailer advertising the addition of Goldberg as a pre-order bonus contains an intriguing message, which suggests that the iconic WCW alumni and current WWE Superstar Brock Lesnar could lock horns once again, or will at least be going toe-to-toe in the video game.

The trailer, which depicts Goldberg emerging out of the “hatch” that WWE has teased on Twitter over the past few days, marks the first time WWE and Goldberg have collaborated with one another since the former WCW star exited the company following WrestleMania XX. During that PPV, Goldberg wrestler Lesnar in a match that has since been recognized as one of the very worst in WrestleMania history, with both stars refusing to put on a show for the crowd as a result of them both having opted to leave the WWE. However, despite that blotch on the respective careers of both men, the WWE 2K17 trailer depicts Goldberg sitting in the back of a police car, driving past a sign for “Suplex City.” 

Suplex City is a catchphrase coined by Lesnar, who is known for dishing out plenty of powerful suplexes during each of his matches. Some have taken this hint to suggest that this could be teasing a return to the ring for Goldberg alongside a match with Lesnar, who is currently signed to a part-time contract with the WWE. While Goldberg isn’t a part of the WWE’s active roster of Superstars, last year WWE included Sting as a pre-order bonus and it is believed that the popularity of this decision is what led to the WCW legend eventually being asked to wrestle a few matches with the company.

There is also the suggestion that the inclusion of a Suplex City reference in the trailer could instead hint towards dual Showcase modes for both Lesnar and Goldberg, though if this were true this would present its own set of problems, considering that the vast majority of Goldberg’s career took place in WCW and his run with the WWE was comparatively unspectacular, with it now being considered something of a flop. Similarly, Lesnar debuted and most frequently wrestled during the Ruthless Aggression Era, with his biggest feud from that time period being against Kurt Angle. However, with Angle not currently signed to a WWE contract, having the Olympic Gold Medalist absent from a Lesnar career retrospective in WWE 2K17 would be a glaring omission. 

You can check out the Suplex City reference, which takes place at the end of the trailer, below. Thanks to r/SquaredCircle for providing a clearer, mirrored version of the scene.

And here’s the full WWE 2K17 trailer, in case you missed it: