Charlie Sheen Has Just Released His Own Range Of Super Lame Emojis, Called Sheenojis

Charlie ‘Winning’ Sheen has seen better days, which is we assume why he decided to through caution to the wind and pull a Kardashian by releasing his own range of emojis called – what else – Sheenojis. Because as we all know there is no better way to claw back your public image than turning yourself into cartoon caricatures of your past glories and contemporary shames.

Featuring various catch phrases like “I’m on a drug, it’s called Charlie Sheen,” “You can’t process me with your loser brain,” “Inhale the Awesome,” and of course, “Winning”, the Sheenonjis are sure to be popular among boozed up frat boys the world over. There are more, all variously poking fun at the former Two & A Half Men star’s colourful past.

There is even the odd one taken from his actual career, and despite how sad this all is,  I have to admit the one of his Hot Shots character Topper Harley is kind of awesome.

At least he a sense of humour about it all though.

Sheen Sheenojis