Actor And Stuntwoman Sharlène Royer Has A Softer Side Too

Actor and stuntwoman Sharlène Royer can really pack a punch… literally. But she also has a softer side that perhaps many don’t know about. Working as the stunt double for A-list celebs like Halle Berry (a personal fave to work with), Vanessa Williams and Zoe Saldana, she currently stars in a flick with Steven Seagal and Georges St-Pierre as well as appears in the TV show DC’s Legends of Tomorrow as the stunt double for Ciara Renée (Hawk Girl). She is the stunt double for Paula Patton in the upcoming film The World of Warcraft and for Zoe Saldana in Star Trek Beyond, both due out this summer.

Royer was busy working (as usual) when she sat down with CraveOnline to open up about her high-intensity job and what she does to unwind.

CraveOnline: How did you get into this line of work?

Sharlène Royer: I come from a dancing background, and in 1999 they were looking for a Rosario Dawson double so they called me and asked me if I wanted to try, and I thought, why not? They trained me for six months and that is how I got into the business.

You’ve been the stunt double for a lot of incredible women and characters – any favourites?

It’s hard to pick but Halle was definitely my favourite. She’s a very nice woman and a real family woman. The others were all nice but we all have a favourite (laughs).

Anyone you’ve yet to work with?

I would love to work with Tom Cruise or Vin Diesel. That would be amazing!

Is there anything that people would be surprised to know about you?

Well, whenever I go out for an event or a function, I make my own dresses. It’s my hobby.

How did you also get into acting?

I was an actress when I was 9 years old and I did a lot of commercials, and it started out as mainly stunt acting roles (roles where I am also able to stunt).

Would you want to try your hand at working behind the camera?

I’m sure that eventually I will make that shift. Like any athlete, at some point when you’re in stunts you have to retire. I’d love to try producing or directing or being a stunt coordinator.