The Lonely Island Somehow Manage To Liken Sex To The Assassination Of Bin Laden In New Dancefloor Banger

The Lonely Island have taken cringeworthy pop innuendos to their logical conclusion with a new song that likens coitus to the act of killing Osama Bin Laden.

Your move, Nicki “Anaconda” Minaj.


The screwball trio are known for their razor-sharp musical satirisations of pop culture, which have always been delivered with hilarious yet smart-as-hell lyrics and catchy AF chart-scorching hooks.

But TLI seem to have upped their game even higher in the lead-up to their new mockumentary LOLfest Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping, which is basically a straight-up Justin Bieber pisstake.

In fact, the first two songs to drop off the film’s soundtrack (by fictional pop sensation/egomaniac Conner4Real AKA Andy Samburg) would have hands down hit number 1 if they were released by the Biebs himself, and perhaps the same can be said for their brand new banger Finest Girl (Bin Laden Song).

Packing the earworm pop hook “F*** me like the US Government fucked Bin Laden” – which is really the most ‘Murican that a sex act can possibly get – the dancefloor groovin’, acoustic guitar-laced ballad also features such dynamite lyrics as “Invade my cave with your special unit” and “You’re harbouring a fugitive… dat ass”.


In short, it’s as painful as it is genius, and is definitely getting us pumped to see what other hysterical yet explosive truth pellets The Lonely Island are getting ready to unload in Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping, which is shaping up to be the Zoolander of our generation.

Watch The Lonely Island’s new SNL Digital Short for Finest Girl (Bin Laden Song), which features Uncle Samburg struggling with Vanessa Bayer’s militaristic sexual demands – as well as a Fred Armisen cameo – below.