No X-Men for You! | 20th Century Fox Cancels on Comic-Con’s Hall H

We’re sorry to have to break this to you, folks, but a lot of movie industry insiders hate Comic-Con. It’s a lot of effort to build just a little bit of buzz, it’s mostly for projects that would have made headlines even if they were announced one week earlier or later. And after last year, when some of the biggest presentations (like Deadpool and Suicide Squad) were leaked online after the studios very politely asked all the fans to behave themselves, it was probably just a matter of time before another one of the majors decided to skip the event altogether.

And this year, it looks like 20th Century Fox is putting the hammer down. According to The Wrap, the studio behind the popular X-Men and Alien movies (and the not-so-popular Fantastic Four movies) has decided not to bother previewing their upcoming films in Hall H in 2016, although they will probably be present at some of the smaller panels. The studio declined to comment but concerns over piracy were blamed for the decision to deny the fans their first look at upcoming Fox projects like the next Wolverine movie, and the adaptation of the video game Assassin’s Creed.

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The question now – assuming this information is accurate (the studio has yet to confirm or deny it) – is whether any of the other major studios will follow suit, and rob Comic-Con of some of its yearly star power in an effort to make everyone’s summer schedule a little bit more manageable, or whether the other studios are going to rush to fill the void left by one of the industry’s major players. Without 20th Century Fox on site to grab their share of headlines, some of the other upcoming productions might actually have a chance to earn the attention they need to make the most of Comic-Con 2016.

We’ll keep you updated as these stories develop, and of course either way we’ll see you at Comic-Con 2016.


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