Nintendo Outlines Weird Idea For New Fitness Controller

A patent filed by Nintendo that has now been made public reveals a new concept for a controller, with it ranking among one of the company’s weirdest ideas since the Virtual Boy.

With the Nintendo NX likely set to be unveiled by the company this year, there has been some speculation that this patent could be similar to the new console’s controller, though it seems more than likely that if it were to come to fruition it would be a fitness-focused peripheral similar to its Balance Board. Equipped with sensors for load, acceleration, gyro and temperature, it seems that Nintendo wanted to create a controller that would also be used for exercise purposes, aligning with Nintendo’s interest in fitness as outlined by the Wii Fit. 

The design for the U-shaped controller was patented on October 16, 2014, though was published last week on April 22, 2016. Concept images show the controller featuring both a D-pad and four buttons, with another image showing a user holding an auxiliary handle that attaches to the device, though the intended purpose for this handle isn’t outlined.


The controller, which is referred to as a “training device” in the patents, is shown being held by a user performing squats in one set of illustrations, with it able to detect change of movement and the posture of the user. 

With so many devices looking to help improve the quality of our workouts, it’s uncertain how Nintendo aims / aimed to make this controller more vital than comparable tech on the market, but considering the company didn’t really focus on fitness hardware with the Wii U, it’s interesting to see that they’re potentially looking to change that. Perhaps the low sales of the console have led to them seeking to reinvest in getting gamers fit?

[Via NeoGAF]


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