The Final Uncharted 4 Gameplay Trailer Has Boats, Explosions and Jesus

The final Uncharted 4 trailer has been released by Sony, with it featuring a treacherous boat journey, multiple explosions, and Jesus. Or a statue of Jesus, at least. 

Naughty Dog’s fourth entry in their seminal action series is set to be released on May 10th, 2016, with this being the final glimpse we’ll apparently receive of the game ahead of its launch. The trailer features explorer Nathan Drake trapped in a typical array of life-or-death scenarios, from which he’ll presumably escape unscathed because it’d be a bit anticlimactic if after all these years, one of gaming’s most famous heroes died in a boating accident.

There’s not much new information to glean from this new trailer, aside from it serving as yet more confirmation that the game is set to be one of the best-looking games of this current console generation thus far. Also, Jesus.

Check out the trailer below: