WATCH: Journalist & Novelist Maria Lewis Talks Her Creative Career & How To Kick Start Your Own

First starting out in the cut-throat industry of journalism, and then moving into writing fiction of her very own, Sydney-based writer Maria Lewis, has seen the many, many sides of what it’s like to be a young writer in Australia.

Having just released her debut novel Who’s Afraid? to wild success, Maria sat down with Crave Australia to share with us her particular journey to writing success and to dish out some tips and tricks for any up and coming journalists and novelists out there.

As part of our campaign with AustralianSuper, Maria will be taking over Crave all this week, so stay tuned here for more of her wisdom over the coming days.

Maria Lewis is a Sydney based journalist, producer and author. Find out more about her and her debut novel Who’s Afraid on her website.

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