Exclusive Preview | Street Fighter X G.I. Joe # 2

The World Warriors and the Real American Heroes have come together in IDW’s Street Fighter X G.I. Joe crossover miniseries! Destro and M. Bison have called the best fighters together for a tournament which is secretly fueling Bison’s ultimate weapon. 

In the first issue, Snake Eyes defeated Crimson Viper to advance, while Hakan beat Roadblock, and Rufus was simply too much for the Baroness to handle. But the biggest upset came when Jinx defeated Ryu! 

In CraveOnline’s exclusive preview for Street Fighter X G.I. Joe # 2, Chun-Li, Guile, and Cammy confer about their plan before Guile takes on Gung-Ho.

Once Guile and Gung-Ho are finished, Chun-Li will face Dan, Storm Shadow will take on Croc Master, and then Cammy finally gets her shot at the man who ruined her life: M. Bison! 

Here’s IDW’s solicitation text for Street Fighter X G.I. Joe # 2:

“The second day of the tournament pitting Street Fighter vs. G.I. JOE begins! Destro and M. Bison team up to provide Cobra with the ultimate weapon… but Guile, Snake Eyes, Ryu and Storm Shadow have a plan of their own to stop the Shadaloo tyrant. The World Warrior tournament heats up for the Street Fighter team and G.I. JOE alike!”

Writer Aubrey Sitterson, artist Emilio Laiso, and colorist David Garcia Cruz continue the crossover of the ages in Street Fighter X G.I. Joe # 2, which hits comic shops on Wednesday, March 30. You can also check out our exclusive interview with Sitterson by clicking on this link!

Photo Credit: All images provided by IDW Publishing


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