Mitch Winehouse Slams Amy Winehouse Documentary’s Oscars Victory

Image Credit: Peter Macdiarmid / Getty Images

Mitch Winehouse, the father of the late singer Amy Winehouse, has slammed the Academy’s decision to award Amy with the Oscar for Best Documentary, calling it a “negative, spiteful and misleading” portrayal of his daughter. 

Asif Kapadia’s critically acclaimed documentary picked up the gong, beating out Cartel Land, The Look of Silence, What Happened, Miss Simone? and Winter on Fire: Ukraine’s Fight for Freedom. But despite the documentary having released to hugely positive reviews, London cab driver Mitch has continued to denounce it as being factually inaccurate. Taking to Twitter, he wrote: “Always proud of my baby. Amy will not get an Oscar though. Just Asif Kapadia. That is what this is all about…Asif. He’s fooled everybody.”

He continued: “I am not changing my stance just because film won Oscar. It’s a negative, spiteful and misleading portrayal of Amy. We will fix this.”

Addressing the documentary last year before its release, Mitch said that Amy would “not be the defining image” of his daughter, claiming that he was “working on other projects” that would more accurately represent Amy Winehouse’s life. 

Kapadia accepted his Oscar by telling the audience: “This film is all about Amy, about showing the world who she really was. Not the tabloid version, the beautiful girl, the amazing soul. Funny, intelligent, witty. Someone special, someone who needed looking after.”