Bahamas: Treading Softly through Graycliff Wine Collection

It’s fair to say the nightly SRO crowd enjoying their elite meal at Nassau’s Graycliff rarely realizes they’re quite literally sitting on (or at least over) about $10 million worth of the world’s finest wine. 

Owned by restaurateur, hotelier, gourmet and raconteur Enrico Garzaroli, Graycliff Hotel is an elite destination in the Bahamas. With only 20 rooms set in a location removed from the fuss of beachfront resorts, Graycliff is a favorite for heads of state, musicians, actors and other international celebs.


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The joint’s star attraction would have to be Garzaroli’s wine collection — the third largest in the world. It holds more than 275,000 bottles and is valued at north of that $10 million mark. The stone walls that serve as Graycliff’s wine cellar started life as the fortress of the dread pirate John Graysmith in the 1700s before becoming a private residence and then a hotel in the following centuries.

The jewel of the wine cellar is the Rüdesheimer Apostelwein – the oldest bottle of wine in the world. Garzaroli acquired the 1727 German dessert wine at a London auction, and it sits waiting on the Graycliff wine list for $200,000. 

You can take your own tour through the exclusive wine cellar in the gallery below.

Photos by John Scott Lewinski