YOU Can Help Leonardo DiCaprio Win an Oscar in ‘Leo’s Red Carpet Rampage’

One of the running gags of this year’s Academy Awards campaign is that Leonardo DiCaprio really, really, really wants that Oscar. He suffered so many indignities while making The Revenant and has been snubbed so many times already (five times for acting, and one for producing The Wolf of Wall Street) that we all assume he’s falling over himself just trying to win that damned golden man.

It’s only human to want to help him, so now the enterprising entrepreneurs at The Line Animation have released Leo’s Red Carpet Rampage, in which you get to play as Leonardo DiCaprio as he chases after the Oscar, literally racing fellow nominees and playing bonus games like “Act Harder” and, in a particularly pointed commentary, “Find The Black Nominee.” (Good luck!)

The Line Animation

The Line Animation

It’s a funny game, and admittedly a fun one (the jumping controls are a little imprecise, but there are worse sins). But it does raise the question of why we assume Leonardo DiCaprio really gives a damn. Audiences like to look at an artist’s career from the outside as a series of wins and losses, so watching DiCaprio get nominated for an Academy Award half a dozen times and keep losing feels like a total bummer. And yeah, DiCaprio would probably like one of those things on his mantle someday. But it’s also possible that he just likes making ambitious dramatic motion pictures that challenge our minds and fuel our emotions, and that he isn’t just producing “Oscar bait” to placate his own ego.

Because if you think about it, that’s what Leo’s Red Carpet Rampage really is, a game about a real person wrestling with their ego, getting stymied at every turn for the recognition he thinks he rightfully deserves. If you have anything invested in Leonardo DiCaprio’s success, perhaps you sympathize with that plight. Perhaps you are chasing after a little golden statue of your own. Perhaps we are all just looking to be loved.

Or perhaps it’s just silly online video game. Anyway, play it here!

Top Photo: The Line Animation

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