13 People You Forgot Were Oscar-Winners

The Academy Awards have been an annual tradition in Hollywood since 1929, when there was no telecast and only six categories. Over the years, more and more categories have been added, including an entire sub-set of Oscars devoted strictly to scientific and technical achievements. This means that, since 1929, the number of people to have been nominated for Oscars actually numbers in the thousands. 

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In that glut of nominations, it’s understandable that certain hardworking auteurs and actors and filmmakers would be nominated – and win – Academy Awards for film work that falls out of their known idioms. For instance, you may recognize actor William Zabka for his work ’80s flicks like The Karate Kid and Just One of the Guys, but you would have to have been paying close attention to notice that he was, in 2003, nominated for an Oscar for writing and producing his live-action short film Most.

Looking back over Oscar history reveals numerous surprising wins that most members of the moviegoing public rarely remember. Luckily, we here at Crave have the time to study such matters, and present to you these 13 people you forgot are Oscar-Winners.

Slideshow: 13 People You Forgot Won Oscars

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